The beginning of a speckled lamb…

I don’t remember the date exactly, and lord knows the state of my skin at the time wasn’t something I worried about …and my memory being bad at keeping details I don’t find significant…deffo didn’t help, but that was all bout to change .

I remember going to the GP for a bad rash I had on my neck, and of cos the GP being as flippant as ever told me it was just an allergic reaction. Well thanks for the anti-histamines, but I was back in a week with more of the rash spread all around me randomly. Well thanks again for the scabies misdiagnoses, very irritating scabies cream, that definitely worsened my situation and even doubled the skin coverage… they really had ONE job, refer me to a GODDAMN dermatologist… but naaa I was covered in purple lesions, extremely inflamed and had a burning itch all over me before I could finally see a dermatologist that wasn’t even by referral. I had to go into A&E cos honestly my parents were more worried than I was about my own skin; thus the life changing diagnosis of the skin condition called LICHEN PLANUS.

I remember thinking to myself.. WTF did this dermatologist just say, for sure it wasn’t an allergic rash, or scabies, or any of the other 10 conditions I had google self-diagnosed myself in the last 2 weeks; this was devastating for me to say the least cos: firstly, I hadn’t a clue what I had just being diagnosed with, secondly I was in extreme pain from how inflamed some parts of my body were which made even walking hella difficult , and itching constantly, and thirdly, I was also in the process of moving to university, I had to keep going back and forth for appointments. So here I was, alone in a new city, at a new job almost ready to start at university and covered in something that medically there still isn’t an exact known cause for , or a definite known cure for. I definitely felt like Job in the bible.

Unfortunately the skin condition persisted up until about a month into uni( July to October ) and because the GP had wasted my time it had spread all over me and was extreme at this point. I got prescribed creams that I didn’t necessarily feel were working, but i know for a definite PRAYER worked for me: I didn’t have to go through some photo ultra violet light therapy that the dermatologist said I would need , and just used some random shea butter cream, and by the time I would be seen by a dermatologist in my uni city my skin was lesion free, not inflamed in any shape or form, not itching at all. but my skin would and hasn’t been the same since…

Thus the birth of a SPECKLED LAMB!!!

The word speckled stayed with me after a word I got in church from a mentor of mine from the story of Jacob in the bible (genesis 30 :25-43), and although this story is commonly misunderstood as Jacob using his own tactics and knowledge to cause speckled lambs to be conceived, its actually a story of how God did the impossible which is what he does best, by genetically manipulating lambs to be conceived as spotted and speckled from pure white lambs -after all, only God brings to life – and how God made the spotted and speckled a blessing to Jacob and his family, rather than the typical white, pure and blemish-free, is something He is doing through my life as well.

I should emphasis that this isn’t a story highlighting a spiritual blemish or sin which normally is what is referred to as being blemished in Christianity, I am referring to physical freckles that I am literally covered in and have been for about 18 months . Not to say that my spiritual life is pure or blameless, but this blog is to emphasis a blessing in my biggest flaw, the journey it has led me on, the struggles I have faced, still facing, praying to overcome, and might still face. 2cor 4:17 “For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory.”

This blog isn’t for everyone, its not a platform to gauge anyone’s life or journey by, not every one will understand or be able to relate to some things I will say, but don’t hate… don’t judge… its my journey and I have been led to share… why? I don’t know yet … but I hope to find out by doing what has been laid in my heart instead of sitting idle with this idea like I have done for the last 4 months or so… if you haven’t guessed yet I am a christian on a Journey, I definitely have my ups and downs, but I am stepping out in faith .. and ironically my name is FAITH!!! AKA faithfullyspeckled !!!

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