God’s plan … perfect fit !

Wearing shoes that fit comfortably and perfectly doesn’t necessarily mean that the route we will walk will be at all comfortable or stress-free, but we are certain that it will only be worse wearing uncomfortable shoes… cos even if the route was comfortable and stress-free, the shoes would make us completely unaware of the comfort we should be enjoying.

This is like letting our lives be directed by God, to reveal the plans he has for us, rather than striving to do our own. Following in Gods plans doesn’t mean it’ll be 100% easy, in most cases its at least 10% hard, and requires us to make sacrifices, but at least we know we have unlimited access to his peace; he is THE PRINCE OF PEACE after all. If we were to decide to walk in the direct opposite of God’s will, and strive to do our own, more time it would just warrant extra … unnecessary difficulties that could’ve been altogether avoided in Gods plans.

Now don’t get me wrong “God’s plan” (not drake’s single) isn’t plainly given to you as some to-do list to follow for our lives, it takes: seeking, asking and knocking (matt 7:7) and following, with complete obedience and trust which is absolutely, 100% easier said than done. This is why we pray without ceasing, persevere through everything and peacefully serve in God’s vineyard. God has so much more set in place for us to just walk into… walk the walk of FAITH, and be in unity with his spirit (eph 4:2-3 AMP). We are in a continuous journey that plays out from our birth to our rest… we get a little piece everyday in this puzzle-like life of faith.

“I alone know the plans i have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans to bring about the future you hope for (Jer 29:11)” This for me over the past 2 years has been confusing and tiring .. and the devil has done the most(lol) , for so long I just didn’t understand why I was randomly speckled.. what was his ultimate plan in this… and the Devil being the father of lies that he is, made me feel like my skin was a disaster.. and that my life was going no where, I probably entertained these lies for longer than I should have… but not anymore…

So my question was, “whats God’s plan for this speckled lamb?”, and whilst i’m still finding that out, i’m evolving, being my best self and making use of every opportunity I get to grow. The first thing I learnt about myself in this speckled journey was how oblivious I was to my impatience and pride… which was only the beginning of a correction process to my many character flaw… and trust me there’s a long list… But by his grace , I am a work in progress…

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