YOU are enough!!!

What is enough…?? Who measures ??… Where do we get measured?? Is there even a measure?? God has never, does not and will never measure us by any scale… so why do we let man subject us to a certain scale or measurement?

People in this society seem to quantify almost everything for what is seen as “enough” ‘you need a certain amount in your bank acct’.. ‘you need to weigh a certain number’, ‘you need to have certain number of friends’, ‘you need certain number of designers’, ‘you need to have a 2.1 or above on your degree’, even, ‘you need a certain number of years of working experience’ . Just reading this makes me feel sooo robotic, now imagine living life trying to stick to all this measures and numbers and quantities, when do you even have time to just breathe and just do you for a min.

See in John 3:16, the phrase there is that “God so LOVED the world” notice that this is in past tense. Which mean regardless of measures, quantities, scales or numbers made by man, we are already “enough”. We were created ‘enough’ to be loved by the most high God. So who is man? What is man to not love us as God loves us? See that’s why there was never a need for us to be measured, it wouldn’t change the love he has for us because all of our deficiencies was factored in prior. We do not need to strive to be loved more, to worth more, or be valued more, we already are all this things exactly as we are. From a blog by Melissa Camara Wilkins, “there are things we might want to be more of. More open. More honest. More true. More authentic. More free. More connected. More intentional. More purposeful”. But these arn’t about you trying to change yourself.. it’s about embracing who we were already made to be.

What God has given you that makes you different, you shouldn’t apologize for that. We should never let anyone or anything make us feel like we aren’t enough. The mental well-being of majority (I was part of this majority) are soo tied up in trying to measure up to the standards of man; trying to be ‘enough’ in the eyes of someone who will never be satisfied, that we forget what our priorities should be. Our mental well-being is our priority, but its trapped, its begging for deliverance… its begging to break free, because we have tied it up in chains to the standards of man. What is mankind?

What to be aware of, is not letting your difference be a means of seeking attention on the outside, because all it means is that you are trying to take attention away from the insecurities on the inside. Alot of the people we see walking around us today are okay with feeling average about themselves. Never just feeling enough. It’s like someone having Gold and not knowing it’s worth, going around thinking they have to be just any mere stone, wanting to trade their Gold for any shiny metal they can find, just cause its shiny. Whereas they were complete exactly how God wants, when they are just being themselves… GOLD.

Being enough as we’ve been made doesn’t mean we can never need help. Knowing you are enough makes it easier for you to realize and admit when you do need help, because you know that you asking for help, and your difficulties doesn’t diminish what you are worth. It doesn’t define you, because YOU ARE ENOUGH AS YOU ARE… FLAWS AND ALL… realizing you are enough makes you aware of how small you are in the totality of all God created, but you know that you are not expected to be any bigger even by the slightest inch. You know you are not everything and that you don’t need to be everything even for a min.

You being enough definitely doesn’t mean “you are a final product, complete and finished, all done growing and changing”…The reason that we are enough is that God wants to be strong through our deficiencies. God says everything you are not, I AM.

Imagine David and Goliath. Imagine a cat vs an elephant in a battle. But David never felt he wasn’t enough. If David for one moment felt he wasn’t enough to face Goliath with the power of God , there would have never been a David and Goliath story. In comparison to Saul who was already the king.. he never felt enough. Even when God chose him to be king, his response to God in 1 Sam 9:21, was that he was of the least tribe… a Benjamite… of the smallest clan… he even questioned God calling him… like you sure this ain’t a mistake?? and sadly Saul tried to project his own feeling of not being enough on David. But David only seeked God’s opinions of him, and Gods opinion was that HE WAS ENOUGH, as a SHEPHERD BOY and even until he became KING.

The trick of the devil is to keep us from recognizing and realizing, with whatever distraction or blindfold, that we are enough. Because he knows we are unstoppable once we break free from this cycle of striving to be “enough”, keeping us busy doing nothing. Self awareness is key.

The day we realize we were enough yesterday… are enough today.. and will be enough tomorrow, we begin to live our best lives, being authentically YOU…

I’ve started mine… why don’t you join me.

In support of mental health awareness day 2019!

Song recommendation -Lovin’ me by Jonathan McReynolds

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