Working on YOU: The EYES!

Have you ever gotten to a certain place in life when it feels like things are stagnant? Or just not moving… and if it does even move, it feels like its moving backwards? Things aren’t getting any clearer or easier, its just THERE! Or do you ever feel like things are not getting better, neither are they getting worse? If your answer to these questions is No… like honestly… I thank God for your life. Sadly for me, in the 2 plus decade I have spent on earth, I’ve had several of those moments, and in the 18 months where I was struggling with loving my life and self as it was and battling with depression and emotional trauma, this was how I felt almost every day.

There were so many days that I would wake up and, from the first 5 mins, I would have already given up on the day cause I’d already convinced myself it was gonna be the same as the day before, so I’d just rather stay in my room, in the dark and do absolutely nothing and just think of my struggles. I started to get so comfortable in my stagnant life, I gave up and stopped working on my self. Very dumb move! I was busy working to make money, busy trying to help people around me, busy meeting new people .. busy doing everything else but caring for my-self; I stopped making sure and checking that my eyes, heart, mind, head and body were right and aligned properly.

Imagine going through life with an eye defect, knowing that spec-savers and other opticians exist, but not caring enough or even trying to go get checked, and choosing to just live life with that defect. That would be a pretty stupid way to live through life. When it comes to our eyes, it is very possible to be blind-sighted… this is a situation when you see, but you don’t SEE… for my fellow glasses wearers out there.. u deffo get what I’m saying. In most cases something is causing you to not have your complete sight… you begin to miss things that you should’ve taken note of, things that impact you physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally or even financially. Each day just seems to come with its own dumb mistake, that could’ve been avoided with complete sight.

My sights were so wrong, and unfortunately, I was wearing the wrong prescriptions for a long time. My sight got so bad that I couldn’t see good. I couldn’t see the good things and people that surrounded me, I didn’t even see the miracle that took place 2 months after being diagnosed and wasn’t seeing the ones taking place in my life daily. I was completely blind and oblivious to them, which meant I didn’t realize I had loads to be thanking God daily, and regularly for, instead I was just submitting request upon request… My sight was defected and I stopped working on it.

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When you don’t see clearly, you don’t realise that you are stuck in the wrong perspective on virtually everything, from the mundane to the major. Life will just seem bleak all the time for no apparent reason and hopefully, you won’t make the same mistake I made by just accepting that life must just be bleak, and this is how it must be for almost everyone (NGL I used to think the dumbest things). Matt 6:23 “But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in you is darkness, how great is that darkness!”

The moment I started praying to God to fix my sight, the way I saw the world, the people around me and the situations I was in, I started to feel a change in my life. I was doing something to work on my self, and I was involving my maker because I have no strength of my own. Definitely it hasn’t been one smooth road ever since but it is a better, and a clearer road to the one I was on for 18 months straight. This is because now, I can see the pitfalls better, I can see the stones to avoid clearer and I can see the things I need to pick up better; the stumbling blocks to my growth are a lot more visible and I know what exactly it is that needs to change in my life. John 11:10 “But if one walks in the night, he stumbles, because the light is not in him.”

The only way to ever effectively work on something, and expect great change is to first see clearly what exactly it is that need work. It really is just common sense; imagine sitting an exam in the dark without seeing what the questions say and just sitting there not trying to get any light. Or being short-sighted (my fellow glasses people), sitting in the back of the classroom and not seeing the question on the board without doing anything to get the question and just answering what you think the question says, or even worse not writing at all, cos you probably cant even see your answer sheet… yikes…walking out after 2 hrs and expecting a first… like HOW? It makes no sense…

Unfortunately, this is how a lot of people go through life… ignoring and not acknowledging the greatest source of light TO OUR EYES… JESUS… we will be better in 2020!

Watch out for the other parts of this blog series… we still got to talk about working on the Heart, Mind, the Head and the whole Body.

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