Working on YOU: The BODY-HEAD!

Come to think of it, how important are our bodies? like do we honestly need to care for it, guard it, look after it and all that jazz?… Cos it sounds long and maybe unnecessary. Well, I don’t know about you, but what I’ve come to realise and learn in the process of this last 2 years is that my body, my head needs extra care; it’s the body of ROYALTY after all.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that before I became speckled I never cared for my body, or that I had never heard that I was a queen and that I was special. I heard this so many times and from so many different people but it was never practical to me, it never really sank in. This meant that through the period when I was hating my skin I deffo didn’t even want to hear anyone referring to me as a queen, or royalty or that I was special and I deffo didn’t believe it when I heard it. Don’t also get me wrong, when I say looking after your body and your head, I don’t only mean food, I also don’t only mean exercising, nor do I only mean sleep or rest. I mainly mean looking after yourself at the core of what makes you YOU! whatever that looks like to us as an individual.

I’m gonna discuss this in two different angles, the physical and the spiritual; there isn’t one without the other after all.

When it comes to the physical, have you ever being in a headspace where you literally don’t care about your body, like to hell with whatever happens, if I get hurt or harm myself, it wouldn’t make a difference? Personally, I have. Now I don’t like pain but the number of times it crossed my mind to harm myself, or the number of times where I was just constantly thinking of how nice it would be to be hospitalized and injured, like that was something to aspire for, I honestly couldn’t count. I remember once, one stupid time I thought it would be nice to like just walk in front of a moving car. Naaa… I was in a very bad place. There’s deffo levels to it, and many people may not be in a deep as I was, or some may be even deeper, but it still relies on the same principle that you have given up on yourself, partially or completely.

Have you ever looked in the mirror and all you could say to the man in the mirror was, “why do you look like this” All that radiated was some form of hate or dislike or discontent. Maybe your answer is NO, and I bless God for that, but in my case, that was me every single day. This makes me remember listening to Ella Mai- Naked, in my head, I couldn’t even sing the song properly, cos I didn’t even love Me NAKED. Its a really good song tho. The thing is, most times in this society when we don’t like what we see in the mirror, the most common advice is do something about that, change something, modify something, and yes this is good advice but the first thing that needs to be done with topmost priority is to learn to LOVE THE MAN IN THE MIRROR, everything else should flow from a place of self-love, if not you would be stuck in a circle.

Every day that I would look at the mirror, hate what I saw, I would convince myself I needed to find a way to bleach my speckles, and then everything would be fine. So I would go on google, waste some money, give up on how slow things were, become depressed because of that, cry for a bit, convince myself that I was unlovable and then repeat the same circle like a month later. NGL it was tiring, depressing and definitely a waste of my precious, royal time. I got out of this fix and I dont have some magic formula for how to get out of a fix like this, but one thing is: LOVEEEEEEE YOURRRRR-SELFFFFFFF FIRSTTTTTT then the rest will flow and make sense. I’ve also said this so many times GOD LOVES YOU AS YOU ARE!! HE COULDN’T LOVE YOU ANY LESS!! YOU ARE ENOUGH!!

When it comes to the spiritual, I can only speak for my self when I say it is a lot less stressful when you allow your head and body to be led and directed by the person who created it, like he knows it better than you could ever. What I have been learning since summer 2017, is that your head and body need to be positioned right and in the will of God, cos if not, like in the physical, you would just be going around in circles. When your heads isn’t positioned rightly, when your life isn’t in God’s will.. you act with a lack of wisdom, you become foolish and expose yourself to unnecessary things. Wisdom comes from the lord, its a gift from God that you can also ask for;

James 1:5 'if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him' 

Prov 9:10 and Psalms 111:10

'The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom...

The head is the centre of choice/ will, so basically most of our actions get decided upon in our heads consciously or unconsciously- the head is pretty important init. In our daily lives.. our actions can make us so foolish.. it would even be comical… You ever do something and then moments later you are baffled as to why you even did it, like what possessed me? The answer is simple, nothing possessed you (well in the majority of the cases.. yikes!) you were just being foolish. Now, this could be large scale foolishness or small scale foolishness, thank God all of mine were small scale foolishness. At one point, the beginning of my turning point, I got tired of always asking my self why did I do that?, why did I go there?, why did I say that?, why did I feel that? and I just started asking for the spirit of wisdom, I set myself character goals and I have been trying to make sure every one of my actions is in LOVE. That’s the only way forward and out of the circle of WHYS.

When your entire body is positioned wrongly, it becomes difficult to stay the course and to stay on track. It becomes difficult to see progress in whatever you are doing to make your mind, heart and eyes better (from the previous posts), this is because you will most likely be at the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong people, under the wrong influence, doing the wrong thing most of the time… and with a 5 fold negative combination like this, one’s life is already in big trouble. It will literally be a daily battle of Sin, Depression, Comparison, Anger and Pride, and yall will agree with me that this isnt the way to live life, it isnt even living life at all. So, to conclude this series of working on YOU, remember to…

Protect you EYES and set them on truth…

Guard your HEARTS, they are fragile and precious…

Clear your MIND and win the battle of thoughts… get and keep PEACE…


Position your BODY-HEAD in wisdom.

Proverbs 3:15 'Wisdom is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her.'
Proverbs 4:6 'Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you; love her, and she will watch over you.'

Honestly if you can read the whole of proverbs.

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