My ‘Ex-‘ 4

Okay, this ex isn't fully an ex, if I'm to be honest. I've had several breakups with this ex, but progress, not perfection. The last time I had a breakup, it was tough, simply because I was unaware I was in a relationship with this. I was simply unaware that I had felt this way … Continue reading My ‘Ex-‘ 4

My ‘Ex’- 3

Until you accept that there's an issue to be fixed or something to improve, nothing will change. This is me continuing the EX series from last year. The last Ex was Denial and the Ex we want to talk about today is complaining. There is the famous saying; "doing the same thing the same way … Continue reading My ‘Ex’- 3

You say Seasons, I hear Shortcuts!

Do You know the feeling of seeing the work you need to do very clearly laid out before you? but for the love of God, you cannot find the motivation or zeal to start? and like the human you are with an amazing brain, it shifts to shortcut mode, or procrastinate mode? Ahhh, just me, … Continue reading You say Seasons, I hear Shortcuts!