Faulty corner series!

The ‘Faulty corner’: Facilitator finale!

We are at the wrap-up of this series and of this year 2020. whoop whoop! THANK YOU JESUS! Hopefully at this point the phrase ‘faulty corner’ makes some sense, and you have been able to evaluate from the last two post and reflect on if you are a resident in the faulty corner, just like I was. Like I mentioned in the first blog post of this series, there are … Continue reading The ‘Faulty corner’: Facilitator finale!

The ‘Faulty corner’: Facilitator 2

Okay… its been a while, so let’s recap! Before I went on my not so brief hiatus I was talking about something called the faulty corner. A faulty corner is a mental dwelling space where flaws, errors, mistakes and weaknesses are made most prominent and strengths, merits, and goods are belittled and made to look like nothing, about oneself and/or others. The facilitator already touched upon was Comparison, and we … Continue reading The ‘Faulty corner’: Facilitator 2

The ‘Faulty corner’: Facilitator 1

Do you normally tell yourself that you are very observant? Do you normally say you have a sharp eye… and you notice little details?… but for some reason, you seem to notice specific things. Majority of the time, all you seem to notice are faults and mistakes and errors in the way people look, dress, speak, converse, how they walk, how and what they eat… or just how people live … Continue reading The ‘Faulty corner’: Facilitator 1

Working on YOU series!

Working on YOU: The BODY-HEAD!

Come to think of it, how important are our bodies? like do we honestly need to care for it, guard it, look after it and all that jazz?… Cos it sounds long and maybe unnecessary. Well, I don’t know about you, but what I’ve come to realise and learn in the process of this last 2 years is that my body, my head needs extra care; it’s the body of … Continue reading Working on YOU: The BODY-HEAD!

Working on YOU: The MIND

The mind is the centre of thought and feelings; the roots of our attitudes and beliefs; and the vehicle to our imagination. It is very important to our entire existence. The mind can either be in a good or bad frame, depending on what we let in and what we let stay in. Being a psychology student, the mind and brain is something that I find very interesting, especially when … Continue reading Working on YOU: The MIND

Working on YOU: The HEART!

The beautifully constructed heart of man isn’t just made for pumping blood to the body, the heart is in a constant two-way dialogue with the brain — it receives and responds to emotions in complex ways; it is the CENTRE OF EMOTION. It makes sense why we sometimes don’t just feel an emotion in our hearts, we feel it everywhere, even in our muscle. However how important or beautifully constructed … Continue reading Working on YOU: The HEART!

Working on YOU: The EYES!

Have you ever gotten to a certain place in life when it feels like things are stagnant? Or just not moving… and if it does even move, it feels like its moving backwards? Things aren’t getting any clearer or easier, its just THERE! Or do you ever feel like things are not getting better, neither are they getting worse? If your answer to these questions is No… like honestly… I … Continue reading Working on YOU: The EYES!

About the previous year!

Looking back on 2019

Its been a long minute since I posted… but before I jump right in, I just want to take this opportunity to bless God for allowing us all to see this new year/decade… Happy new year guys. When the year starts, it’s always good to reflect upon what went on in the last 365 days, to see what can be learnt from the ‘YOU’ that was in the previous year. … Continue reading Looking back on 2019

WE MADE IT! 2021!

HAPPY NEW YEAR from the OG Speckled lamb (AKA, Faithfully speckled) to every single human; beautiful, amazing, talented, precious, unique, imperfect, flawed and unapologetically loving themselves. I’m not going to do the ‘new year new me’ thing, cos present me is great, wonderfully and fearfully made, but I want to be able to say at the end of 2021 that yes it is a better me. 2020 had quiet a … Continue reading WE MADE IT! 2021!

You are unique!

The Beauty in standing out!

I feel the need to ask we stare at this image for a min and just see what pops into our minds. A min to appreciate this beauty. I sometimes get those inspirational moments when something ordinary pops into my head at just the right time and it just seem extra-ordinary. Friday was one of those days. I had only stared at this beautiful pic for like 10 seconds, when … Continue reading The Beauty in standing out!

YOU are enough!!!

What is enough…?? Who measures ??… Where do we get measured?? Is there even a measure?? God has never, does not and will never measure us by any scale… so why do we let man subject us to a certain scale or measurement? People in this society seem to quantify almost everything for what is seen as “enough” ‘you need a certain amount in your bank acct’.. ‘you need to … Continue reading YOU are enough!!!

God’s plan … perfect fit !

Wearing shoes that fit comfortably and perfectly doesn’t necessarily mean that the route we will walk will be at all comfortable or stress-free, but we are certain that it will only be worse wearing uncomfortable shoes… cos even if the route was comfortable and stress-free, the shoes would make us completely unaware of the comfort we should be enjoying. This is like letting our lives be directed by God, to … Continue reading God’s plan … perfect fit !

Been there!

The pride TRAP…

Pride, the reason why Lucifer was thrown out of heaven. Pride, the reason you feel offended when someone doesn’t acknowledge your presence. Pride, the reason you feel you deserve to hear ‘i’m sorry’, rather than say it. See the devil being the devil knows pride inside and out, he knows that we know that pride isn’t good, so most of the time its so subtle we don’t even realise we … Continue reading The pride TRAP…

All was not fine!!

I use to classify people into those that care about the opinion of others, and are affected by them, and those that only care about how they appear to others, not necessarily what others think of them. I told myself the opinions others have is their business .. and is within their power.. but the way I appear is my business and is within my power… this was all BS, … Continue reading All was not fine!!

Loneliness the Creeper

Of cos, loneliness isn’t something people normally like to associate themselves with. Yes, anyone can be a victim, its sneaky and comes in different levels … YES loneliness is a bloody predator… we just mustn’t fall prey, its a parasite, that’ll eat away at your happiness. Various studies show the increase in the rate of loneliness in 17- 25 yr old in the previous 3 year compared to before. Its … Continue reading Loneliness the Creeper

A support system!

proverbs 11:14 I’m sure we’ve heard the saying “iron sharpens iron” so many times, and probably less of this other saying from the good book of proverbs, 27:9 “a sweet friendship refreshes the soul”. Either way, ‘iron does sharpen iron, as one man sharpens another, and a sweet friendship does refresh the soul’. If you haven’t guessed it yet, this is dedicated to all the amazing people that God has … Continue reading A support system!

The beginning!

A speckled photo shoot

Okayyyy 2 yrs later, I am officially outta hiding… It has been a very confusing journey up until recently…with lots of ups and more downs. But yeah I am UNAPOLOGETICALLY MELANATED, you either love me… or LOVE me. Its my own unique testimony … and everyday is a new day and a new challenge that I keep somehow having the strength to overcome… not somehow, its been God! Behold a … Continue reading A speckled photo shoot

The beginning of a speckled lamb…

I don’t remember the date exactly, and lord knows the state of my skin at the time wasn’t something I worried about …and my memory being bad at keeping details I don’t find significant…deffo didn’t help, but that was all bout to change . I remember going to the GP for a bad rash I had on my neck, and of cos the GP being as flippant as ever told … Continue reading The beginning of a speckled lamb…

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me, as I begin to share my story so far, my struggles, the growth I have and still experiencing, the people that have been a part of this growth, and a little wisdom nugget here and there.  please read, comment, share and follow for weekly ish updates. make sure to read thanks!  yours faithfully.  Faith. Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — … Continue reading The Journey Begins

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