Working on YOU: The BODY-HEAD!

Come to think of it, how important are our bodies? like do we honestly need to care for it, guard it, look after it and all that jazz?... Cos it sounds long and maybe unnecessary. Well, I don't know about you, but what I've come to realise and learn in the process of this last … Continue reading Working on YOU: The BODY-HEAD!

Working on YOU: The MIND

The mind is the centre of thought and feelings; the roots of our attitudes and beliefs; and the vehicle to our imagination. It is very important to our entire existence. The mind can either be in a good or bad frame, depending on what we let in and what we let stay in. Being a … Continue reading Working on YOU: The MIND

Loneliness the Creeper

Of cos, loneliness isn't something people normally like to associate themselves with. Yes, anyone can be a victim, its sneaky and comes in different levels ... YES loneliness is a bloody predator... we just mustn't fall prey, its a parasite, that'll eat away at your happiness. Various studies show the increase in the rate of … Continue reading Loneliness the Creeper