My ‘Ex-‘ 2

Remember, look through for pictures! It has been a hot minute, but lets jump rit back into it, there's still a very important ex I have to talk about. This second ex is something very common to us. It's something we have become extremely friendly with in, but it s something I had to break … Continue reading My ‘Ex-‘ 2

My ‘Ex-‘ 1

play me! but u'll miss the pictures. Okay... let's start this ex relationship series... This first ex, was the longest back and forth divorce process ever, I first had to realise the gravity of the relationship, which took a while, then admit I needed help, then sort help, then struggled some more, then started the … Continue reading My ‘Ex-‘ 1

The ‘Faulty corner’: Facilitator finale!

We are at the wrap-up of this series and of this year 2020. whoop whoop! THANK YOU JESUS! Hopefully at this point the phrase 'faulty corner' makes some sense, and you have been able to evaluate from the last two post and reflect on if you are a resident in the faulty corner, just like … Continue reading The ‘Faulty corner’: Facilitator finale!