My ‘Ex-‘ 4

Okay, this ex isn't fully an ex, if I'm to be honest. I've had several breakups with this ex, but progress, not perfection. The last time I had a breakup, it was tough, simply because I was unaware I was in a relationship with this. I was simply unaware that I had felt this way … Continue reading My ‘Ex-‘ 4


I heard something today, "Beauty can be idolised"... and this started a conversation in my head because this little innocent statement from an amazing friend of mine struck a chord. Different thoughts racing through the tracks of my mind, fighting to arrive at a platform. Am I guilty of this? First thoughts to this innocent … Continue reading Idols!

My ‘Ex-‘ 2

Remember, look through for pictures! It has been a hot minute, but lets jump rit back into it, there's still a very important ex I have to talk about. This second ex is something very common to us. It's something we have become extremely friendly with in, but it s something I had to break … Continue reading My ‘Ex-‘ 2