Working on YOU: The MIND

The mind is the centre of thought and feelings; the roots of our attitudes and beliefs; and the vehicle to our imagination. It is very important to our entire existence. The mind can either be in a good or bad frame, depending on what we let in and what we let stay in. Being a … Continue reading Working on YOU: The MIND

Loneliness the Creeper

Of cos, loneliness isn't something people normally like to associate themselves with. Yes, anyone can be a victim, its sneaky and comes in different levels ... YES loneliness is a bloody predator... we just mustn't fall prey, its a parasite, that'll eat away at your happiness. Various studies show the increase in the rate of … Continue reading Loneliness the Creeper

God’s plan … perfect fit !

Wearing shoes that fit comfortably and perfectly doesn't necessarily mean that the route we will walk will be at all comfortable or stress-free, but we are certain that it will only be worse wearing uncomfortable shoes... cos even if the route was comfortable and stress-free, the shoes would make us completely unaware of the comfort … Continue reading God’s plan … perfect fit !