Beingfaithfullyspeckled 2022!

It's long, I know. It's worth it u'll see. I've been on a verryy long hiatus, with reasons I'm wanting to be vulnerable about. The beginning of my hiatus was for the latter half of my undergraduate degree which was supposed to end by July, and I would get back to writing in Aug. I … Continue reading Beingfaithfullyspeckled 2022!


I heard something today, "Beauty can be idolised"... and this started a conversation in my head because this little innocent statement from an amazing friend of mine struck a chord. Different thoughts racing through the tracks of my mind, fighting to arrive at a platform. Am I guilty of this? First thoughts to this innocent … Continue reading Idols!

My ‘Ex-‘ 2

Remember, look through for pictures! It has been a hot minute, but lets jump rit back into it, there's still a very important ex I have to talk about. This second ex is something very common to us. It's something we have become extremely friendly with in, but it s something I had to break … Continue reading My ‘Ex-‘ 2