WE MADE IT! 2021!

Play to listen to blog post! HAPPY NEW YEAR from the OG Speckled lamb (AKA, Faithfully speckled) to every single human; beautiful, amazing, talented, precious, unique, imperfect, flawed and unapologetically loving themselves. I'm not going to do the 'new year new me' thing, cos present me is great, wonderfully and fearfully made, but I want … Continue reading WE MADE IT! 2021!

The Beauty in standing out!

photo credits: My big bro E I feel the need to ask we stare at this image for a min and just see what pops into our minds. A min to appreciate this beauty. I sometimes get those inspirational moments when something ordinary pops into my head at just the right time and it just … Continue reading The Beauty in standing out!

A speckled photo shoot

Okayyyy 2 yrs later, I am officially outta hiding... It has been a very confusing journey up until recently...with lots of ups and more downs. But yeah I am UNAPOLOGETICALLY MELANATED, you either love me... or LOVE me. Its my own unique testimony ... and everyday is a new day and a new challenge that … Continue reading A speckled photo shoot