WE MADE IT! 2021!

Play to listen to blog post! HAPPY NEW YEAR from the OG Speckled lamb (AKA, Faithfully speckled) to every single human; beautiful, amazing, talented, precious, unique, imperfect, flawed and unapologetically loving themselves. I'm not going to do the 'new year new me' thing, cos present me is great, wonderfully and fearfully made, but I want … Continue reading WE MADE IT! 2021!

The ‘Faulty corner’: Facilitator 1

Do you normally tell yourself that you are very observant? Do you normally say you have a sharp eye... and you notice little details?... but for some reason, you seem to notice specific things. Majority of the time, all you seem to notice are faults and mistakes and errors in the way people look, dress, … Continue reading The ‘Faulty corner’: Facilitator 1

Working on YOU: The HEART!

The beautifully constructed heart of man isn't just made for pumping blood to the body, the heart is in a constant two-way dialogue with the brain — it receives and responds to emotions in complex ways; it is the CENTRE OF EMOTION. It makes sense why we sometimes don't just feel an emotion in our … Continue reading Working on YOU: The HEART!