The Beauty in standing out!

photo credits: My big bro E

I feel the need to ask we stare at this image for a min and just see what pops into our minds. A min to appreciate this beauty.

I sometimes get those inspirational moments when something ordinary pops into my head at just the right time and it just seem extra-ordinary. Friday was one of those days. I had only stared at this beautiful pic for like 10 seconds, when I heard clear as day “the beauty in standing out”. Trust me I have heard this phrase said so many times, in so many different context, from so many different people, but this picture brought it into a plain and innocent reality.

See normally, this tree would probably be classed as malnourished, it isn’t getting enough sun or something else was wrong, as to why it wasn’t green like every other tree and plant around it (or it might just be its natural colour…lol.). Well i’m not your normal girl and so I see things differently. This image to me is so powerful( not talking about the pixels or picture quality), the message it stirs up in my heart is one that is very liberating to the soul, and necessary to the mind, and yes it is something you would have heard before or read before and I have posted about before, but you can never get enough of soul liberation. But its a message that needs a personal understanding, as we all have different things that make us stand out.

Imagine if everything looked exactly the same… OMD!!!.. Imagine there was no difference in colour, culture, background, thought process, likes and dislikes, it would be so boring, dull and frustrating, like everyone’s comeback for everything would be ME TOO!!! (crying emoji)… like JUST IMAGINE… I don’t even think we would still be existing as a human race. Even with this, people still find it hard to embrace, share and utilize that difference. Its sad! No offence to anyone, but I LOVE ME AS ME!!, with my two shade brown skin, cheeky mel- san temperament and my hoarse voice. There will never be anyone else with the exact same combination as to what makes me me.

There’s the assurance that when I pray to my father in heaven, He sees me as me, not trying to be anyone else, or trying to fit in, or trying to hide the light he has placed in me. The light in me only shines bright when I’m me, and as little as I am in the whole universe, if I stopped shining as me, with my own unique colour, and aura, I want to believe that the universe would feel it, one way or the other. You can call me crazy, but this crazy girl has never being happier and liberated as now.

Find YOU, embrace YOU, and stick to YOU!!


Trust me, I didn’t feel this way for two years prior until recently when something within me changed, a mindset maybe, and yes i’m still learning and understanding the beauty in all this… but now I can genuinely smile about my skin, wear whatever I want without necessarily feeling like i’m being watched or judged because of it, and honestly not caring if I am (lol).

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